Alejandro is a highly skilled and versatile motion designer with over two decades of experience in the creative industry. Having honed his craft across various fields of the industry such as web design, print design, identity, and illustration, Alejandro now specializes in creating compelling and visually striking motion graphics and motion design solutions.
Having navigated the corporate, freelance, and agency worlds, Alejandro is equipped with a unique perspective and the ability to adapt to a wide range of creative challenges. He enjoys working directly with clients and collaborating with agencies to help them shine even brighter for their own clientele.
Alejandro is also a detail-oriented professional who knows the importance of great communication and a strong work ethic. He combines his passion for design with a touch of playfulness, ensuring that he's always exploring new trends and technologies in the industry.
When you team up with Alejandro Design, you can expect an engaging, collaborative experience that results in memorable and impactful creations that truly make your brand stand out.
Get in touch today to discuss how his expertise in motion design can help bring your vision to life!
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